Donations for Como during the Corona pandemic!


Refugees are living in dire conditions right at the Swiss border. Be a Robin has decided to shift the attention to the misery happening only hours from our headquarters.


In 2016 we made our first donation run to Como, Italy.  Since then, we have organized an annual trip to the Italian border town to bring warm winter clothes to the refugees in need stranded in Como. Because of these trips, we have established relationships with local non-profit organizations.  At the beginning of 2020 we decided to focus our attention more on this region.

The urban area of Como - right at Switzerlands doorstep - currently hosts a migrant community of roughly 300 people (numbers fluctuate constantly) of which half have no permanent accommodation and sleep rough or in shelters. Director Danilo Catti has created an impressive documentary on the situation in Como. Due to the current lockdown it has become even harder for organizations in Como to support the refugees and so we are calling for your help in their name.


For one month, we will collect your donations and send them straight to Como.


Our trusted partners in Como are the Don Giusto Parish and the non profit organization "Como Accoglie". These local organizations have great expertise in local refugee work and are well connected in the Como area.  They will be able to use the funds in Como to provide for the people in need. They provide food, shelter, educational programmes and legal support. At the same time, we are setting the ground for a new Be a Robin project in Como, that will hopefully start after the pandemic.